Simtronix Porsche 992 Simracing Livery

AAES Watkins Glen 4 Hour

We at Simtronix Industries are proud to announce our official livery for the upcoming AAES Watkins Glen 4 hour.

The AAES Watkins Glen 4 Hour is an endurance event will be taking place on the 28th - 29th of July. Keep your eye out for a stream link closer to the date and join us to watch our two drivers, Thomas Degenhardt and John Zhu, take on 41 other teams, and fight to bring home the win for Simtronix Industries in our first ever competition entry. We're looking forward to seeing you support us on the 29th!


Simtronix Porsche Front


Simtronix Porsche SideSimtronix Porsche Closeup

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