Simtronix SXI-01 Simracing Steering Wheel PCB

Gen 1.0: In Production

We've been busy here at Simtronix Industries for the past couple of months, adding the final touches to the test PCB for our SXI-01. The first batch of boards are currently being manufactured and will be with us for testing in the coming weeks. Designing our own PCB's in house has allowed us to create higher quality electronics that are tailored to our unique line of products, to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Our custom SXI-01 PCB provides the capability for features such as: 58 easily customisable RGB LED's, a dual clutch system using hall sensors, 4 rotary encoders, a 5 way multi-function switch, and a modular design that allows for future Simtronix products such as Quick Releases to be seamlessly integrated into existing rims.

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