The DX-1 Has Arrived!

The DX-1 Has Arrived!

We're proud to show off our brand new DX-1 magnetic connector for the first time!

The DX-1 has been designed to integrate seamlessly into our upcoming SXI-01, using ultra strong Neodymium Magnets to hold it firmly in place and provide you with a reliable connection.

We know from experience, that as Sim Racers we are constantly changing wheels to cater to all the different cars we can drive. To make sure this is as quick as possible, we've opted for a 'Pogo Pin System' to provide a fast, simple connection to the SXI-01. The Pogo Pin System we have chosen makes use of a plug with 4 spring loaded pins on the cable side of the connector, which perfectly interface with a receptacle on the rear of your SXI-01. 

The Ultra Strong Neodymium magnets we have selected, provide a combined force of 3.5kg between the connector and the wheel. Unless you plan to put the SXI-01 in a real race car, we can assure you that the DX-1 isn't going anywhere!

The DX-1 and future variants of the system are to be standardised across all compatible Simtronix Industries devices, saving you the hassle of having to sort through multiple cables to find the right one, when you simply want to drive your favourite cars. 

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DX-1 Magnetic Sim Racing Connector

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