What's happening with the BBX!

What's happening with the BBX!

Hey everyone!!

As promised, we've dedicated this blog post to properly updating you on the latest news surrounding the BBX!

As you probably know by now the BBX has been at the top of our priority list for the past few months as we have been aiming to release it before Christmas. We're very pleased to announce that we have indeed achieved this, and will be opening pre-orders in the next few weeks. All that remains is for us to tidy up a few things on our end to make sure that your first experience with the BBX is as positive as it possibly can be. 

Now for the details you really want to know. For those of you who have already seen our Instagram post showing some development highlights, you might have noticed that the BBX looks a little bit different from when we last showed it off. Aside from improvements to the electronics which you can't see, we've made changes to some visible parts of the BBX.

These include:

- Improving the encoders by increasing their diameter and adding a rougher diamond knurl to their base, as we found the original design didn't provide enough grip when wearing thicker gloves.

- Adding grooves to the sides of the BBX, which make adjustments to its position far easier as you now have more grip.  ....We also think the grooves just look cooler :)

- Integrating the Button Separator/Shield into the housing to guarantee long term reliability. We've also achieved a smoother, more uniform surface finish by changing this.

- Increasing the height of the groove around the top face of the button caps. This was originally changed to make applying stickers easier, but brings the added benefit of providing additional tactile feedback when moving between buttons. 

- Tightening tolerences between the housing and the button caps to improve rigidity and tactile response when you press a button. This reduces the chance of being unsure if you've pressed a button or not. The last thing any of us need in the middle of a race is to be guessing whether a button press was registered or not.

- Changed the thickness of the button cap to allow more light to penetrate the surface. The buttons are now significantly brighter as a result of this.

- Opting for a more durable clear coat to be applied to the surface, as the initial formula chosen was too soft and delicate for our liking. This tougher coat better protects the BBX from standard cosmetic damage over time.

- A variety of improvements to internal components including the PCB as we already mentioned. For both reliability and durability purposes. We won't go into too much detail on these as you will likely never notice them (Unless you decide to smash open your BBX which we don't recommend!).

I highly recommend you keep your eyes on our website and social media pages in the coming weeks as the release of the BBX edges closer. 

As always I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


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